Patricia K. Emmons Architecture and Fine Art

Workbook Development

Patricia's workbook is used as a tool to help you better define and prioritize what is most important to you in the design and use of your future home.   The workbook addresses both pragmatic and theoretical concerns.   After each family member has the opportunity to fill out a workbook, Pat compiles a written Design Program based on the collective dreams and desires of the residents of your future home.   This process is unique to Patricia K. Emmons Architecture & Fine Art.  Pat's workbook is an essential ingredient of her ability to design spaces that perfectly suit their inhabitants.

While you go over your workbook, Patricia will check zoning and building requirements for your site.  If a surveyor or geotech is needed, those professionals will be engaged then.  Also, if the project is working with an existing structure, Pat will photograph, confirm your as-built drawings, measure your house, and produce a complete set of as-built drawings of your existing home.

Preliminary Design

From your Design Program, Patricia develops early proposal drawings to describe general feature and direction for a design.  These early hand-drawn sketches unfold new possibilities and encourage new conversations.  From there, Pat further expands the drawings until you are satisfied.  Perspective drawings and sometimes models are used to clarify the important three-dimensional aspects of the design.

Upon approval of the Preliminary Design, Patricia consults a licensed contractor for a budget estimate of the project. (No commitment to employ him or her will be implied by obtaining this estimate.)  This will allow you to refine the scope of the project before Patricia proceeds.  Upon your review of the budget estimate, the design and/or scope of your remodel will be modified as you feel necessary. 

Design Development

This phase refines of the drawings begun in Preliminary Design.  At this point, other consultants such as engineers, landscape architects and/or interior designers may become involved.  We further explore indoor/outdoor relationships, materials, lighting, textures, and color. 

Construction Documents

Construction Documents are also called Contract Documents, because these drawings  and specifications become part of your contract with your contractor.   Patricia's detailed Construction Documents guide the building of your project and establish construction cost.

The Construction Documents phase is yet another step in the design process.  Spaces, forms and relationships are finely tuned.  Materials, fixtures, and equipment are selected.  During this phase, Patricia applies for your building permit.

Construction Costing

Patricia helps you select highly qualified contractor(s) to review your Construction Documents.  She also answers questions that arise from builders bidding the job.  Pat helps you select a contractor and prepare a contract for construction.


Construction is the final phase of the design process.  Patricia is on call to help resolve any questions regarding the intent of the design, or any new issues that develop.  She processes the contractor's application for payment and change orders.  Pat makes frequent site visits and documents that meeting and all other forms of communication with detailed Field Reports.  Communication is key to ensure all three parties, Client, Architect & Contractor, are a cohesive, happy team.